Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Toddla T Remix)

Here’s a huge remix of Duck Sauce’s upcoming single ‘Big Bad Wolf’ courtesy of everyone’s favourite baby-faced DJ Toddla T.

For those who can get past the chronic overplaying of their last single ‘Barbara Streisand’, this new tune is absolutely massive… and this particular remix is even more so. It’s a properly ravey affair, incorporating bass so heavy you can feel it coursing through your veins. Properly sick.

For any of you have seen the video for the original, I want your opinions on it. Personally, I think that it’s hilarious but a bit fucked up. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it yet. (Don’t watch it at work. Otherwise you’ll get a lot of questions asked of you.)

You can check out the radio rip from Mistajam’s show last night below. Apologies if the quality isn’t up to scratch, it’s the first one that I’ve actually done myself.



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