An Interview With… Josh Kumra

Here’s another interview for all you lovely people, and this one’s a treat. Enjoy…

After receiving his big break featuring on Wretch 32’s number 1 smash hit ‘Don’t Go’, the music world is waiting with bated breath to see what the Swindon-born signer/songwriter will produce next. His rich, soulful voice and songwriting talents make him one of the ones to watch in the coming months.

I caught up with Josh to discuss his incredible year, musical influences and a possible collaboration with Birdy.

His brand new track ‘Call Off The Search’ was premiered on Mistajam’s 1Xtra show last night – you can bask in its awesomeness after the interview.

It’s been quite a year for you Josh, featuring on a number one single and performing at the Brit Awards… did it all catch you by surprise or were you expecting it?

Yes, it’s been an incredible year for me. ‘Don’t Go’ reaching number one was an incredible feeling. I can remember how tense I was during the official countdown, I was in the bus coming back from V festival! I didn’t expect it all to happen so quickly but I’m not complaining! I’ll hold out for the Brits next year!

What would you say your highlight of 2011 was?

This year I have done so many amazing things like performing at the MOBO Awards and on Later with Jools Holland, so it’s hard to narrow it down. I would have to say that standing on the stage at V festival and having 10,000 people singing Don’t Go was the highlight! It was an overwhelming experience. My dad being in the audience made it even better!

What originally inspired you to get into music?

My dad was always playing Bob Dylan, The Rolling stones and Jimi Hendrix albums when I was little and we would sit and talk about music until early hours. He would talk about seeing U2 at Wembley and I can remember deciding that I wanted to be a singer there and then!

Who or what inspires you when you write songs?

Many things inspire me to write songs – I like to look at what is happening around me so it is relevant, whether it’s something in the news or it’s something that I experience personally. Inspiration comes from a lot of places, sometimes it’s as simple as walking down the street… but most of the time it’s not! Ha.

A lot of people will know the ”Don’t Go’ Josh Kumra’, but what can we expect from your solo material?

12 tracks, me, and a guitar!

If you could collaborate with any musician at this moment, who would it be?

I would love to do a song with Birdy, she has a stunning voice and I think we would make something exciting!!

What kind of music is on your iPod just now?

My iPod is full of all kinds of music, from acoustic to electronic. Some Ray Lamontagne and some Kanye West… Although, I have had the new album from Ben Howard on repeat for about two weeks.

How do you like to spend your time away from music?

I don’t think I spend much time away for music but if I do then it’s always nice to visit friends and family in my hometown of Swindon. I also like going out and watching some live music, a game of poker once in a while is always fun.

Have you got any advice for budding singer/songwriters?

My advice for singer/songwriters is to write as much as you can… there will be times when it feels like the hardest thing in the world and there will be times when it comes easy! You need to love the process…or at least try to!

What does the future hold for Josh Kumra?

Times are very exciting for me at the moment. I’m constantly in the studio working on my album which will be out next year and things are coming together nicely! In the meantime I will be doing a handful of live shows this year. You may be getting a song from me very soon. : )

Here’s Josh’s sublime new track, ‘Call Off The Search’, featutring wonderful Maiday – this one’s gonna be big. Blues inspired with a chilled vibe. Peace x

Also, this is the 50th post ever on the blog! Thank you all for your kind words, I didn’t think I would get this far. But this is hopefully just the start…

You can like Josh’s Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter right HERE.


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