Frightened Rabbit – A Frightened Rabbit EP (Free Download)

How can anyone object to free music? More importantly, how can anyone object to Frightened Rabbit?

So here’s a little bit of both for you: an incredible three-track EP that Scott and the boys have decided to give away entirely free.

Fresh from supporting Death Cab For Cutie their US tour, the Scottish rockers have compiled a very special selection of songs, featuring a guest appearance from Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne on the post-watershed titled Fuck This Place.

I was introduced to these guys when they supported Snow Patrol on their Homecoming tour last year, and they seem to have only gotten better since then.

Perfect music for the coming months, especially if you live in Scotland. Looks like this is going to be on repeat until the snow clears away in about April.

You can download the EP HERE.

And if the website’s not playing ball, you can stream the entire EP HERE, and read the stories behind the songs, courtesy of Drowned In Sound.


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