Scroobius Pip – Let Em Come (feat. Sage Francis & P.O.S)

Taken from Scroobius Pip’s recently released album ‘Distraction Pieces’, here’s the magnificent ‘Let Em Come’, which features guest appearances from US rappers Sage Francis and P.O.S.

It’s taken a while for me to actually sit up and take notice of Pip’s work, but this one is a cracker. He applies his spoken word style of delivery brilliantly to this heavy-rock backdrop, something which is normally very difficult to achieve. Both Sage and P.O.S also go very hard on the verses, all of which adds up to make this one hell of a track.

I’ve got a lot of love for Scroobius at the moment, he’s doing something different with rap, mixing genres and influences to make him one of the men of the moment.

Check out ‘Let Em Come’ below and, if it floats your boat, you can get it from iTunes HERE.

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