Daughter – His Young Heart EP (Review)

Ok, so here’s my second album review, and this one is the beautiful four-track EP from London-based singer/songwriter Daughter, known by her friends as Elena Tonra.

Brought to my attention by her incredible support set at Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s gig, the record has been on repeat since purchase. She brings a unique brand of experimental folk/pop to the table, producing music that sounds well ahead of its time. It’s not often that I am genuinely moved by a piece of music, but the four songs on here do that brilliantly. Tonra is clearly a sublimely talented musician and lyricist, and it looks like she’s going to go massively far in the industry. Her live performances are captivating, and she has managed to put this quality into the recordings.

1. Landfill

The record opens with ‘Landfill’, a strong piece which showcases Elena’s delicate acoustic guitar finger-picking, providing the perfect backing for a strong and haunting vocal performance. Elena says that this song is about ‘the various ways in which she can be killed’, and the lyrics are simple yet poetic in their nature. The song picks up, with a pounding drum beat and clean electric guitar, providing a perfect atmosphere and setting the standard for the rest of the EP. Stunning.

“Throw me in the water
Don’t think about the splash I will create
Leave me at the altar
Knowing all the things you just escaped”

2. The Woods

Then opens a stripped-back acoustic piece called ‘The Woods’, a song which is very much focussed on Elena’s beautiful vocals. She has an almost Florence + The Machine quality to her voice, with a range which allows her to perform vocal flutters which add to the tender atmosphere of the song, as does the post-production echo. Very nice.

3. Candles

The next track is the wonderfully anthemic ‘Candles’. It starts with a simple acoustic guitar accompaniment but soon swells to a climactic chorus, with a driving drum beat providing the back-bone for a moving piece of music. Very nice production on this one.

“Well I have brittle bones it seems
I bite my tongue and torch my dreams
Have a little voice to speak with
And a mind of thoughts and secrecy”

4. Switzerland

The record closes triumphantly with an instrumental track, which features accordion, glockenspiel and a haunting vocal. A powerful end to 15 minutes of beautiful music.

If you like the sounds of the album, you can get your copy from iTunes HERE.



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