James Morrison – Up (ft. Jessie J)

Heres an upcoming song from the new James Morrison album called ‘The Awakening’ entitled ‘Up’, which features the incredible Jessie J. The track features arguably two of the best voices from in the UK at the moment and marks the return of James Morrison’s unique, soulful voice and brand of acoustic. The lead single from the album, “I Won’t Let You Go”, has been well received, and has already reached its way up near the top of the charts. The album, which was released last week, debuted at number one, outselling Kasabian’s ‘Velociraptor!’ by two to one.

The song itself is classic James Morrison, with acoustic guitar and strings producing a chilled vibe, while he provides his trademark smooth and soulful vocals. The addition of the powerful voice of Jessie J also makes the single stand out as a favourite on the album, as the two different voices work together in making the song a great listen.

You can download James’ new album, ‘The Awakening’ HERE.

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