Nickelback – When We Stand Together x Bottoms Up

Here’s the two lead singles from Nickelback’s forthcoming seventh studio album ‘Here And Now’, due to be released on November 21st.

Judging from these two tracks, it seems as though if you were a fan of their last release ‘Dark Horse’, you’ll be just as fond of the new album. As a result of producing a similar sounding record, Nickleback have been receiving some criticism from music douches – but it’s all unjustified. Chad and the boys have found a formula which works brilliantly, and have stuck to it. Respect to them for that.

First up is the rather wonderful ‘When We Stand Together’, the more mellow of the two songs here – building from a simple acoustic-guitar-led intro, to the standard Nickelback chorus – anthemic and catchy. Great work.

The second single is the more upbeat and party-driven ‘Bottoms Up’. A good old rock and roll track, with drinking as the obvious central theme. The lyrics aren’t exactly poetic, but this one will go down a treat at their live shows. Douches will refer to this ‘Burn It To The Ground Vol. 2’. I say to them: shut the fuck up and enjoy the music.


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