Alex Clare – Up All Night (Skream’s Behind Closed Doors Remix)

Here’s an epic remix of Alex Clare’s new single ‘Up All Night’ – coming courtesy of one of the godfathers of dubstep, Skream. The Croydon DJ and producer has worked his magic on one of my favourite songs from Alex Clare’s debut album ‘The Lateness of the Hour‘.

It’s nice to see that Skream is continuing the trend of giving his remixes ridiculously long names – see his ‘Skream’s Made Zdar Feel Like He Was 20 Again’ remix of Cassius’ I ❤ U SO and you’ll see what I mean.

A properly dark piece of music, one of Skream’s best remixes to date – mixing dubstep and drum-and-bass seamlessly.  It goes in a radically different direction to the original, which you can listen to HERE.

Turn this one up and let it grow on you. You’ll be rewarded.

You can download this song from iTunes HERE.


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