SBTRKT – Something Goes Right (feat. Sampha)

It’s pronounced ‘subtract’.

Here is a track from one of my favourite producers at the moment, masked genius SBTRKT. This ones quite possibly one of my favourite songs off of the album (which you can download from iTunes HERE) which is just in a class of its own – so much so that I’ve decided to create my own genre for it …’soulstep’. I think it fits the music perfectly.

SBTRKT’s sick production and Sampha’s incredible vocals combine to create one hell of a track, perfect for those mellow moments.

I respect this guy’s ideas and music a lot and, in my opinion, he has masterminded one of the best albums of 2011.

Put your headphones on, turn up the volume and immerse yourself…your ears will thank you.

And if you liked Sampha’s vocals here, you can take a listen to his beautiful track ‘Indecision’ in the player below:




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