Sam Airey – The Unlocking

Only a quick post for tonight, but I think the song speaks volumes more than what I can say about it.

Tonight’s tune is from Leeds-based singer/songwriter Sam Airey, with an incredibly chilled-out acoustic piece called ‘The Unlocking’, and is one of my favourite songs at the moment. His latest single, ‘The Blackout’, has received plays most notably from Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens and you can download it HERE.

The video for ‘The Unlocking’ was filmed in a forest outside Leeds, and provides a perfect atmosphere for song, and you can check that out below…


3 responses to “Sam Airey – The Unlocking

  1. A melancholy tune, with clear acoustic guitar playing, good build up in energy as song progresses, personally prefer the more lively strumming section of melody towards the end, that goes back to my preference for the bowie style of acoustic guitar playing during the ziggy days. But there is always a place for melancholy and Sam has done this pretty well. I would like to hear him tackle a heavier rockier sound ….as this was give him a varied portfolio of sounds for listeners to sample.

  2. Hi Ron – this is actually just an acoustic performance of the song.

    The studio version is more layered/textured –

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