The Battle Of The Remixes – Old Yellow Bricks (Rizzle Kicks vs. Akala)

It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of the Arctic Monkeys. I own every one of their albums, and basically love anything and everything that they do.

So when I discovered two incredible hip-hop remixes of one of my favourite AM songs – Old Yellow Bricks – I couldn’t contain my excitement.

The problem is, I couldn’t decide which one was best, so I need your help. I’ll upload them both here so you can listen, and you can vote using the poll at the bottom of the post. Enjoy.

Remix 1

The first comes courtesy of two of the freshest boys in pop right now, Brighton rap duo Rizzle Kicks, who you’ll most probably recognise from their recent Top 10 single, Down With The Trumpets. (That first bit is a little bit of a lie, as this particular track features only Rizzle from Rizzle Kicks). The proper title of this tune is “I’m 17” and is actually almost two years old, but we’ll ignore that for the moment. The lyrics are a bit non-sensical at times, but that only adds to the charm of the song. A great remix which puts a new spin on an already incredible track. You can listen to it below…

Remix 2

Remix number two goes in a slightly different direction from the first, and is from one of the best rappers on the UK scene, Kingslee Daley, otherwise known as Akala. I have a huge amount of time and respect for this guy and his work, and he goes unbelievably hard on this track. This track is almost three years but again, just forget that. This remix is another which breathes new life into the original beat, and you can check it out below…

Now you can vote!

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