An Interview With…Galapaghost

Here it is, my first interview as a blogger, hope you enjoy it.

This interview features Texas-based singer/songwriter Casey Chandler – otherwise known as Galapaghost. I posted about one of his songs a few days back (you can read that post here – ) so this is kind of a development on that. Really excited about this guy, great tunes and a genuinely nice guy to boot.

Q: For those that haven’t heard any of your stuff, how would you describe your music in 3 words?

A: If I had to describe my music in three words it would be: somber, honest, and raw.

Q: What inspired you to get into music?

A: Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been inspired by music. I attach specific songs to so many of my most distinct memories. It’s pretty corny but almost everything I’ve done, seen, touched has a soundtrack to it. It’s kind wonderful though because I listen to certain songs and it takes me right back to the place and mood I was in when I first started listening to it or obsessing over it. I imagine a lot of people have this same attachment to music. My brother has always been my biggest musical inspiration and unlike me, he completely masters every instrument that he touches. He’s a fucking wunderkind. I wish I had that gift. He’s in this band Midlake, who are another huge inspiration for me.

Q: Musically, who are your main influences?

A:  I would say my top 5 main musical influences are Midlake, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Espers, Simon & Garfunkel, and Paul Curreri.

Q: That’s a pretty awesome name you’ve got there, where did it come from?

A: Haha well I’m completely honest when I say that I came up with it entirely on my own, but I’ll understand if people don’t believe that since there’s already 3 out there that I know about. Although one just quit, so I guess now I’ll just have to make the other 2 Galapaghosts an offer they can’t refuse. It comes from 2 totally different things. The first one being that my brother (the one mentioned above) was reading a Kurt Vonnegut book that summer called Galapagos and I thought that would make for a great band name. It’s a good thing I didn’t decide to call myself that though because I found out there’s a guy from Arizona named Jacob that calls himself Galapagos, that’s a one man band like me that’s gaining some hype. The “ghost” part of Galapaghost comes from this Deer Tick song called “The Ghost” that was completely obsessed with that summer. I was just gonna call myself “The Ghost” because it really fits well with my musical style and the fact that I’ve always been a complete musical loner.

Q: What’s your favourite song right now?

A: My favorite song right now would have to be “Suck It & See” by the Arctic Monkeys. That whole album is so brilliant. That band never ceases to amaze me. And they’re my age!!

Q: What inspires you when you write songs?

A: Since I have an extremely difficult time writing uplifting songs, most of my inspiration comes from dark periods in my life. What a cliché huh? Haha, but I am a firm believer in the fact that the best art comes from desperation. Does success ever really make a band better? Once people realize your full potential, it’s usually too late.

Q: You’ve got 1 sentence to plug anything of yours that you want to…Go!

A: Check me out on Jools Holland with John Grant from last September!


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